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Drop-In Tutoring Centre for Grades 9-12

Ensure success and confidence in
all levels of Math and Sciences

How Students Ace Their Potential

At Ace It Tutoring, we understand students need support throughout the week which is why we provide a distraction-free environment with unlimited support to help students ace their potential.

Your Schedule

No back and forth coordinating with tutors that are unavailable to meet your schedule and needs. Our tutors are available 5 days a week, whether students need support mastering difficult theories, in-depth homework review, or extra exam prep. 

Expert Tutors

All our tutors are experts in their field with extensive knowledge to bring to the table. More importantly, they are well-experienced in breaking down complex theories into simple concepts to ensure students properly grasp the material. 

Subject Flexibility 

Somedays Math is just a lot harder than other subjects, some days it’s not. With a variety of available tutors, students have the flexibility to focus on one subject or divide their time between Math and Science. 

Distraction-Free Space

We’ve designed a distraction-free space to minimise interruptions and maximise students' concentration and productivity, by offering an open concept floor plan filled with natural light. We encourage students to put away their phones and regularly check-in to see when support is needed.

Value for Money

Substantially more affordable when compared to one-on-one tutoring in person or online where hourly sessions add up fast. With Ace It Tutoring, students have the flexibility to tailor their hours spent at the centre from week to week all within the rate set at the beginning of the semester. 

Pay & Forget 

Our pricing model eliminates the need for the constant hour and payment tracking that comes with one-on-one tutoring, ensuring students are spending their time studying and getting support instead of tallying hours. 

Subjects We Cover

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Ready to see the difference Ace It Tutoring can make?

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